Consider this a social experiment if you will. I’m trying to create a lifestyle which is more time rich than money rich without leaning on the state to achieve it. I want to be more conscious of the choices I make and how that impacts our planet, each other and animals. I’m hoping it’s a journey into enlightenment and all the challenges that come with it.me

I currently run a fashion company but I have also recently bought a plot of land, so finding the balance between running a business ethically and devoting time to my eco-project will be a challenge. I will be documenting the transition from city life to rural idyll, from being single for years to planning my future with a beautiful soul who shares my dream of a more conscientious life, and from meat eating to veganism, so please follow, share and discuss amongst you! The issues I face in trying to live in a kinder, more conscientious world should be everyone’s issues! Let’s make the world a kinder, happier place.